Maryam Moosa - 2011


Our school was shocked on 16 February 2011 by the news of the tragic passing away of one of our learners, 14 year old Maryam Moosa.

In the immediate aftermath of her passing away, our school struggled to come to grips with the tragedy. Our staff and learners were consoled by the soothing words and advice of Moulana Abdul Rahman Gardee and Moulana Ebrahim Bham who said that, according to the teachings of Islam, Marhooma Maryam was a shaheedah and that we should make dua that Allah SWT elevates her status in Jannat.

It is said that time heals all wounds. But for us, this wound did not heal despite the passage of time. Instead, the presence of Marhooma Maryam loomed large in the minds of all at our school. Her true character, and her value to others at our school, was played over and over again.

Marhooma Maryam is fondly remembered by everyone she came into contact with. She never flinched in the face of adversity and faced all tasks with a strong will and courage. During her time at our school, we found Marhooma Maryam to be generous and kind to a fault. She was always full of fun.

In her interaction with her peers, Marhooma Maryam taught us grace and elegance and love for Allah SWT. Her actions, and way of life, was a living example of everything which our beloved Nabi Muhammad (SAW) taught us.

She was of tender age – only 14 years old – when she passed away. Yet, during that time, Marhooma Maryam touched many lives. She was warm and welcoming. Her courage, wisdom, compassion and humour will always be remembered and cherished. Her charm and enthusiasm is and will remain a continuing inspiration to all at our school. Marhooma Maryam’s infectious smile, her loving and caring personality and her happy disposition will be sorely missed.

“Maryam was a very pleasant girl and she always had a blossomy smile”; “The size of her heart could not be compared to even the biggest diamond … putting others before her … smiling no matter what had transpired because she knew that it made others smile too”; “She was the kind of person that would find a rainbow after every storm”; “She looked for a right in every wrong”; “She lived to please others without fail”; and “No matter what the situation might have been she always put the needs of other before hers” were just some of the testimonials of her educators and fellow learners. These adequately describe her qualities – qualities which we were taught to us by our beloved Nabi Muhammad (SAW).

Having had her in our midst at school, we can testify that Marhooma Maryam’s Akhlaaq – even at her tender age – was beyond reproach. Her virtue, morality and manners will serve as an inspiration.

Marhooma Maryam was an epitome of life itself and will always be remembered for these qualities. These are the qualities that endeared Marhooma Maryam to both educators and her peers. She has left a legacy which will be difficult to emulate.

With this in mind, and with the approval of her parents, we have instituted an award – aptly named the Maryam Moosa Award – in an endeavour to perpetuate this legacy and to instil in our learners the endearing qualities of Marhooma Maryam Moosa.

Marhooma Maryam was an inspiration to all who were lucky enough to know her. We are richer for having being afforded the opportunity of being part of her education and for having shared her values and wisdom. We make dua that Allah SWT showers His infinite mercy on the Marhooma and that He elevates the Marhooma’s status Jannatul Firdose. Ameen.