With the Grace of Almighty Allah SWT, plans for a Muslim School in the Johannesburg area were conceived during 1989. Alhamdu-lillah, the Johannesburg Muslim School had its humble beginning in January 1990. From its premises in 10th Avenue, Mayfair, the school started with 115 learners and offered tuition from Grade 1 to the then Standard 2 (presently Grade 4). The Board of Management had resolved that the establishment of the School would take place in several phases. In keeping with this expansion policy, additional grades were introduced each year. The pupils of the School wrote the first Matric exams during 1997.

As the number of pupils increased, the premises in Mayfair, soon became inadequate. As a result, our School relocated to the old Bree Street School Premises, in Fordsburg. Due to natural growth, our School outgrew the Bree Street premises. We then obtained the old JSS premises in Fordsburg. The school is currently moving to a new premises in Crosby.

The Pre – School and Nursery Division of the Johannesburg Muslim School was established 17 years ago. At that stage, the Pre – School and Nursery Division was housed at the premises in 10th Avenue, Mayfair. In 1992, this Division moved to the premises presently occupied by the Intermediate and Senior phases in Burgersdorp Street, Fordsburg.

The Pre – School and Nursery Division then re-located to the old Bree Street School during 1994. Under the guiding hand of the then Head of Department, Muallima Fazila Moosa, this division soon became the flagship of our School. The late Fatima Mather (may Allah grant her Jannat, Ameen) was appointed as Supervisor of this Division in 1998.

The Pre – School and Nursery Division moved to its current premises during 2001. Mualimah Amina Peer Moolla is currently the Supervisor of this Division. Mualimah Amina Peer Moolla and her dedicated team of Educators continue to impart tuition of the highest standard to our little children in our efforts to lead them to a better and brighter future.