About Us


Our Mission Statement is “To provide young children with the Holistic concept of knowledge with the Holy Quraan and the Sunnah as the source of guidance.”


Our vision is to strive for academic excellence, to foster the holistic development of every learner and to promote critical thinking, decision-making skills, honesty, integrity and responsibility in order to become a fully functioning and constructive member of society according to the Holy Quraan and the Sunnah.


The objective of the School is to impart to the student the requisite Non Islaamic and Islaamic knowledge, in the appropriate balance, of such a standard that it will be readily recognised by any educational or employment establishment. In endeavouring to achieve this objective, the School is resolved in stressing on quality in every respect.


Emphasis at our school is on quality in every respect with our primary aim being to impart to the learner the requisite Islamic and secular knowledge and related skills of a standard that will be recognised at both the tertiary level and in the corporate world.


We follow the calendar as prescribed by the Gauteng Department of Education and take cognisance of important events within the Islamic calendar and adjust the school programme accordingly.


We provide an enlightened and stimulating academic environment where new ideas can be explored. Our teachers are given the freedom to teach creativity beyond the limitation of the syllabus. We emphasize application of skills rather than rote learning.

Our learners have produced excellent matric results and our school is one of the Top 5 feeder schools, from previously disadvantaged schools, for the University of the Witwatersrand. The exemplary record of JMS learners at University level bears testimony not only to the high standard of our education, but also to the dedication and commitment of our educators.


We encourage our learners to participate in extra-curricular and cultural activities. There are opportunities for participation in public speaking. Our learners have achieved splendid results in speech contests under the auspices of the English Teachers Society. Various Clubs are organised depending on the interests of the learners. Our Book Club is very popular. We are also represented in the Junior City Council of Johannesburg.


We believe that all children have special abilities and each child is unique. It is our duty to nurture these abilities. As such, our core ideology is that EVERY CHILD IS IMPORTANT. It is our aim to ensure that every learner who leaves our school after matric should feel that he or she was important and counted as an individual. We want every learner to have a thoroughly enjoyable and yet a challenging school experience.

We seek to provide an enlightening classroom environment in which new ideas are explored and implemented. Our educators have the freedom to teach creatively within the structure of the formal curriculum, and at all times paying due cognisance to the requirement of Shariah. Our classrooms are exciting places where learners are encouraged to reach their full potential.


We encourage our learners to participate extensively in activities relating to community service. Our learners have linked up with various charitable institutions and are actively engaged in activities for the benefit of our community.

The school is strictly based on the Aqeedah of the Ahlus-Sunnah-WalJamaat, which is part of the mainstream Muslims, following any of the accepted Mathaaib ie. (shafee, Maaliki, Hanbali and Hanafi). Our Islamiyaat curriculum syllabus is designed by the Jamiatul Ulema which comprises and includes pre-school to grade 12.