~ Where every child is important ~

Welcome to Johannesburg Muslim School

Rich Legacy

JMS has a long-standing reputation of academic excellence and a track record of countless accolades and achievements.

Holistic Spiritual Environment

With a dual curriculum of Islaamiyyaat & Non-Islaamiyyaat subjects, learners are afforded an all around educational package.

Salaah and Quraan reading are done daily.

Top Feeder School

Tertiary education is the culmination of a child's educational experience, however, the admission criteria are demanding. JMS has a well-established standing of being a top feeder to some of the best universities in South Africa.

Wholesome Environment

We take pride in fostering an environment of love and care where each child feels comfortable in an enjoyable and productive social environment


TEL: 011 838 2559

CELL: 065 851 7832