Our Mission is to enable every learner
to be the best they can be throughout their lives.

Our objective is to impart to learners the requisite Secular and Islamic knowledge, in the appropriate balance, of a standard that it will readily be recognized by any educational or employment establishment. In our endeavour to achieve this objective, we are resolved in stressing on quality in every respect.

Welcome to the Johannesburg Muslim School

The Johannesburg Muslim School is an Independent School registered with the Gauteng Department of Education. With the Grace of Almighty Allah SWT, plans for a Muslim School in the Johannesburg area were conceived during 1989. Alhamdu-lillah, the Johannesburg Muslim School had its humble beginning in January 1990.

The curriculum is based on an integrated system in order to provide a well balanced programme. The Secular curriculum is based on that of the Gauteng Department of Education. The daily timetable of subjects is not divided into rigid and inflexible compartments, but is structured to allow for the projection of an integrated system of education. The education of our children is child-centred, emphasising the uniqueness of each individual.


Grade 1 – 12

Mon, Tues, Thurs – 07H45 – 15H00

Wed – 07H45 – 15H15

Friday – 07H30 – 11H50

Nursery and Pre School

Mon – Thurs: – 08H00 – 12H30

Friday: – 08H00 – 11H30


Virtues of Sehri

November 4th, 2015|Comments Off on Virtues of Sehri

HADITH NO. 7 Ibn Umar (Radhi Allaho anho) relates: Rasulullah (Sallallaho alaihe wasallam) said: ‘Verily Allah and His Malaa’ikah send Mercy upon those who eat ‘Sehri’ (sower-Suhoor).”

COMMENTARY How great is Allah’s favour upon us that […]

Virtues of Iftaar

November 4th, 2015|Comments Off on Virtues of Iftaar

Hadhrat Sahal (Radhiallaahu Anhu) narrates that the holy Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) said: “The people will remain prosperous so long as they hasten in breaking their fast (at the time of Iftaar).”

Hadhrat Abu Hurayra […]