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I, the undersigned, being the parent of the learner

  • I undertake that I will abide by the Rules and Regulations and the Code of Conduct of the Johannesburg Muslim School and warrant that my child will comply with the Rules and Regulations and Code of Conduct of the School at all times. In particular, I undertake that I will not make use of cameras and other photographic and video equipment at all functions of the School. I further undertake that my child will take care of all textbooks given on loan to my child and that I will reimburse the School the costs of all textbooks damaged by my child, or not returned at year end, immediately upon demand. INDEMNITY BY PARENTS OF LEARNERS1Should my child breach any of the Rules and Regulations of the School, then we hereby irrevocably authorize the Johannesburg Muslim School to immediately de-register him or her, without reference or notice to me, and in which event I will have no claim whatsoever against the Johannesburg Muslim School;
  • do hereby acknowledge that I am responsible for the due and punctual payment of the fees, on a monthly basis, and that, by my signature hereto, I irrevocably agree to comply with the School’s Fee Policy and agree that should I fail to pay the fees on due date, then the Johannesburg Muslim School shall be entitled to de-register my child and in which event I will have no claim against the School whatsoever;
  • do hereby absolve and hold harmless the Johannesburg Muslim School, the Board of Management, the Shura, the Principal and staff, employees and agents from any or all claims whatsoever that may arise in connection with any loss of or damage to property, or injury to the person of my child / ward, howsoever caused. I fully understand and accept that all activities, conveyance, tours, excursions and extra mural activities shall be undertaken at my child’s / ward’s risk and hereby designate the Principal and / or any other person nominated by him or any other person acting on behalf of the Johannesburg Muslim School to actin loco parentis on my behalf, in the full knowledge that they will, nevertheless, take all reasonable precautions for the safety and welfare of my child / ward. I am responsible for the payment of all medical costs, where applicable, should any injury be sustained which cannot be ascribed to the negligence of the School.  I cede my powers as parent / guardian to the Principal of the School or his representative should medical treatment be deemed necessary for my child.