MOLANA-121x94Moulana Imtiyaz Sidat, the world renown inspirational Islamic poet and esteemed scholar, visited our school recently. Moulana Sidat was born in Leicester, United Kingdom. He has an astounding gift – his amazing voice – which has given him the passion of reciting Nasheeds and Qiraats. At an early age, he performed regularly in the Jame’ah Masjid’s Annual Jalsa in Leicester. He completed full Hafiz-e-Quran at the age of 15 and then went on to study an Aalim course. He graduated in July 2010 at Jame’ah Uloomul Quran Leicester.

His lectures and Nasheed’s have inspired people of all ages. Moulana Sidat’s popularity has extended throughout Great Britain. Moulana has performed across Leicestershire and various other areas such as Birmingham, London, West Yorkshire and Blackburn.

Moulana Sidat has, through his programmes, inspired and educated hundreds of Muslims towards the love of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and Allah (SWT).