ROBOT-121x94Our Grade 9 and 10 learners participated in the Afrobot competition at Sci-Bono.

Afrobot is a robotics tournament, launched in 2011 by the organisation ‘SciFest Africa’ with the support of the French Embassy and is modeled after ‘trophies of robotics’ in France and ‘Eurobot’ in Europe

The first round was held on Saturday 9 February when contestants were introduced to robotics and were allowed to start work on their robots. The robots had to meet strict specifications and be able to perform a set of tasks.

The following week the boys were given a chance to perfect their electronic skills and to work on their circuitry.

On Wednesday 20 February 2013 teams competed against other schools in a mock challenge in preparation for the finals which took place on Saturday 23 February 2013. Both our teams performed exceptionally well, coming 3rd and 4th respectively.

Our school was represented by two teams, namely, Team A and Team B. Ishaaq Sader, Mohamed Aqeel Yousuf, Mohamed Ismail Yousuf and Hidaayat Khalifa were in Team A and Team B comprised Salim Chhaparia and Mohamed Faiz Rangrez.