There was great interest amongst many of our learners to do Hifz. As such, many learners were going for Hifz Classes after normal school hours to different places. Our Islamiyat Educators, together with our then Deputy Principal, Mr Salim Mohamed, saw the zeal and enthusiasm portrayed by our learners. At the same time, the Board of Management identified the need to introduce Hifz classes at our school. Alhamdulillah, the Hifz classes were introduced for the first time in our school during April 1999.

With the grace of Almighty Allah SWT, many learners enrolled and successfully completed their Hifz studies. All praise is due to Allah SWT and all credit is due to Him alone. The journey of learning the Holy Quraan is one of enlightenment and discovery for those who Allah SWT has chosen to place His message. Thousands of hours were spent in this regard and several educators were privileged to teach these learners. The parents also played a pivotal role throughout this process and our School is indebted to them for entrusting their learners to us.

Ml Mazharul Haq Kara is the Uztaad for Hifz at the school.

Our Islamiyat educators can be justly proud of their achievement in producing the following Hifz Graduates

The following learners qualified as Hufaaz at our School  :

2001          Hafez Yusuf Khan, Hafez Omar Vaid, Hafez Mohammed Saley

2002          Hafez Ahmed Mohamed, Hafez Ahmed Sali, Hafez Abdul Aziz Mohamed

2003          Hafez Ahmed Randeree, Hafez Yaeesh Moosa, Hafez Mohamed Vanker, Hafez Yaseen Janoo

2004          Hafez Shahid Kagee, Hafez Suliman Surtee, Hafez Mohamed Moolla, Hafez Zubair Khan, Hafez Yusuf Ismail

2005          Hafez Suliman Patel, Hafez Mohammed Hassen

2007          Hafez Maseehullah Suliman

2008          Hafez Waseem Talia, Hafez Mohamed Ismail, Hafez Mohamed Ali, Hafez Fu’aad Mohammed, Hafez Mohamed Sayanwala

2010          Hafez Ebrahim Bulbulia, Hafez Mohamed Wahid Crawley, Hafez Anees Fareed Kathrada, Hafez Anees Ahmed Mahomed, Hafez Mohamed Seedat

2011       Hafez Abdul Rahmaan Bhyat, Hafez Aadil Moolla, Hafez Mohammed Zahid Gaibee

2012       Hafez Cassim Coovadia, Hafez Hamzah Ismail, Hafez Dawood Suliman

2013       Hafez Yusuf Jada, Hafez Mohtashim Mohamed and Hafez Mohammed Yasin.

2014       Zubair Ahmed Egalle, Mohammed Fateh Yusuf, Mohammed Adil Darsot.

2015       Hanzala Salman Noorani, Anees Crawley, Mohammed Laher, Muazz Docrat

2016       Ali Gafoor, Idris Ally

Alhamdulillah, many of these Hufaaz have excelled in their studies at various Universities and have also qualified as Accountants, Engineers and Doctors, amongst other professions.