Johannesburg Muslim School – Islamiyat Department 

Educational Philosophy
Our educational philosophy is rooted in Islamic values and the learners are cared for in a stimulating environment.

The school is strictly based on the Aqeedah of the Ahlus-Sunnah-WalJamaat, which is part of the mainstream Muslims, following any of the accepted Mathaaib ie. (Shaf’ee, Maaliki, Hanbali and Hanafi). Our Islamiyaat curriculum syllabus is designed by the Jamiatul Ulema which comprises and includes pre-school to grade 12.

Our School has an Islamic ethos and our programmes inculcate values of Iman (belief), Taqwa (piety) and Akhlaq (ethics). It is the objective of the school to impart the requisite Secular and Islamic knowledge to the learners. The curriculum is therefore based on an integrated system in order to provide a well balanced programme.

Our Islamiyat curriculum is based on the syllabus as provided by the Jamiatul Ulama. This syllabus provides for the spiritual and intellectual needs of the learner. It is compulsory for all our learners to attend the Islamiyat classes from Grade 1 to Grade 12. In this manner, it is anticipated that by the time the learner completes Grade 12, he or she will become Allah conscious.

We provide an opportunity for our learners to be schooled in an Islamic environment, inculcating in the learner an Islamic culture as a matter of course. We have an integrated curriculum which enables our learners to make optimum use of the invaluable time. We provide an opportunity to our learners to continue with Islamic studies throughout the senior school years.

Our curriculum is based on giving the learner a thorough foundation in Islamic principles as projected in the Holy Quraan and the Sunnah of our Nabi (SAW). Prominance is given to Seeratun-Nabi (SAW) as it remains the best example. This enables the learners to appreciate the role Muslims have played in the development of the world, and at the same time, it creates an Islamic awareness.

We encourage our learners to practise what they learn. We believe that learners must be living examples of what they are taught.

Our structured Islamiyat curriculum enables learners to develop a love for and the understanding of Islam. It is designed to instill an Islamic identity in each learner.

Our curriculum includes Quraan learning and recitation, Hifz, Arabic and Islamic studies. Our Arabic language programme develops reading, writing and speaking skills to enable our learners to read the Holy Quraan with understanding.

Our school provides Hifz classes to those learners intending to memorize the Holy Quraan. The journey of learning the Holy Quraan is one of enlightenment and discovery for those who Allah SWT has chosen to place His message.

All our learners perform Zohar salaah (midday prayers) daily. This affords our learners time and opportunity to reflect and supplicate.

Learners could choose Arabic as an additional subject in the F.E.T Phase or choose it as part of their seven subjects, whereby writing it as a final matric subject.

We have a dedicated group of experienced and dedicated Islamiyat educators who are all specialists in their respective fields. They play a prominent and important role in the development and cultivation of Islamic character in our learners.