Virtues of Charity

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It is mentioned in a Hadith that the servant of Allah gives a small piece of bread as charity. In the sight of Allah Ta’ala that small piece increases to such an extent that it equals the size of Mt. Uhud. In other words, Allah Ta’ala increases the reward that one would have received for [...]

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Zul Hijjah

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Zulhijjah is the last month of the Islamic calendar. Literally, it means “hajj.” Obviously, this name of the month indicates that the great annual worship of “hajj” is performed in this month, which gives it special significance. Some specific merits and rules relevant to this month are mentioned below: First Ten Days The first ten [...]

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Zul Qa’dah

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This is the eleventh month of the Islamic lunar calender. It is the first of the four sanctified months (al-ashhur-al-hurum) in which battles were prohibited in the days of the Holy Prophet (SAW). It is also one of the months of Hajj as explained in the discussion about Shawwal. However, no specific rules are prescribed [...]

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The Month of Shawwal

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Shawwal is the tenth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. It comes immediately after Ramadan and has some specific rules attached to it. These are summarized hereunder: Beginning of the Ashur-al-Hajj Shawwal is the first of the three months named as “Ashhur al-hajj” (i.e. the months of hajj). Although the major acts of hajj are [...]

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The ninth month of the Islamic calendar is called “Ramadan” and it is the most meritorious month of the whole year. Since there are many specific rules peculiar to this, month, we would like to deal with its characteristics in a rather detailed manner under different sections. The Philosophy of Ramadan The Holy Qur’an has [...]

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The month of Sha`ban is one of the meritorious months for which we find some peculiar instructions in the sunnah of the Holy Prophet (SAW). It is reported in the authentic ahadith that the Holy Prophet (SAW)  used to fast most of the month in Sha‘ban. These fasts were not obligatory on him but Sha`ban [...]

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The month of Sha’baan

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Sha’baan is the eighth month of the Islamic Calendar. Literal meaning: Sha’baan means to spread and distribute. During this month blessings descend and the provisions and sustenance of man is distributed. Beginning of Sha’baan Blessings are initiated and progressively escalate so that by mid-Sha’baan the blessings have reached a considerable amount and finally these blessings [...]

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The Month of Rajab

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Rajab is the seventh month in the Islamic lunar calendar. This month was regarded as one of the sacred months (Al-Ashhur-al-hurum) in which battles were prohibited in the days of the Holy Prophet. It is also a prelude to the month of Ramadan, because Ramadan follows it after the intervening month of Sha’ban. Therefore, when [...]

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Rabi-ul-Akhir (Rabi Ul Thaani)

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This month is also called “Rabi’ul-’akhir”. No specific function or worship has been prescribed by the Shari’ah in this month. However, some people take the 11th of this month as the anniversary of Shaikh Abdulqadir al-Jilani the great sufi and one of the most pious persons of our history. On this assumption, these people cook [...]

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