The first ten days of Zul Hijjah

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Significance of the First Ten Days of Zul Hijjah Allah has taken oath of ten nights in Surah Al-Fajr. According to the majority of the commentators of Qur’an, the nights are those of the (first) ten days of Zul Hijjah. Abdullah Ibn ’Abbas Radiyallaahu anhu related that the Prophet Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam said, “Good deeds [...]

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Zulhijjah: Eidul-Adha, Hajj, Sacrifice, etc.

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Zulhijjah is the last month of the Islamic calendar. Literally, it means “hajj.” Obviously, this name of the month indicates that the great annual worship of “hajj” is performed in this month, which gives it special significance. Some specific merits and rules relevant to this month are mentioned below:  First Ten Days The first ten [...]

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Ihram literally means to make something haram upon oneself. By adopting ihram (donning the two sheets, making niyat and reciting the talbiya, certain things which were halal (allowed) now become haram (not allowed) upon that person. Thus, we can say that ihram is a state (condition) which a person has subjected himself to and he [...]

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Virtues of Makkah

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1. While departing from Makkah, Rasullullah(sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) halted on a plateau, faced the Qibla and said: “By Allah! You are the most beloved portion of Allah’s earth to me, and verily you are the most beloved portion of the earth to Allah too. Verily you are the best, spot on the face of the [...]

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Virtues of Madinah

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Narrated Anas(radhiyallahu anhu): The Prophet (sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) said, “Madinah is a sanctuary from that place to that. Its trees should not be cut and no heresy should be innovated nor any sin should be committed in it, and whoever innovates in it an heresy or commits sins (bad deeds), then he will incur the [...]

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Oh Travellers to the Haram

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Oh guests of the Most Merciful! Oh fortunate ones! Oh travellers to the Haram! Congratulations on being invited by the Lord of the worlds! Be glad that He has invited you to His House! Not only that, but He has given you the provisions for travel and lodging. And not only that, but He has [...]

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Hajj – The Fifth Pillar of Islam

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It is obligatory for every sane, matured Muslim who has the financial means to perform Hajj once in a lifetime unless there is some physical disability. Women need to be accompanied by a Mehram. Hajj is a Commandment of Allah Ta’ala . Allah Ta’ala has said, “And pilgrimage to the House is incumbent upon men for the [...]

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Blessed places where Duas are accepted

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  While writing a letter to the people of Makkah, Imaam Hasan Al-Basri (RA)  advised them of the following  15 places in Makkah where duas  are accepted: Inside the Baitullah At Multazam In Arafat In Muzdalifah In Mina While performing Tawaf While performing Sa’ee At the hill of Safa At the hill of Marwa At [...]

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The fact that Haj has been granted the status of being the fifth pillar of Islam is itself an indication of its importance in Deen. Indeed, such stress has been laid on the performance of Haj that no person upon whom Haj has become compulsory should ever delay in fulfilling this obligation. Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi [...]

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Virtues of Hajj

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VIRTUES OF HAJJ Abu Hurayrah radhiyallahu anhu reports that Rasoolullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam said “Whoever performs Hajj for the sake of pleasing Allah and therein utters no word of evil, nor commits any evil deed, shall return from it as free from sin as the day on which his mother gave birth to him.” When [...]

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