The Johannesburg Muslim School (JMS) recognizes that certain learners not only achieve excellent academic results, but that they excel in all other aspects of school life.

JMS therefore acknowledge the additional effort and reward a learner with the presentation of the prestigious and coveted Dux Award.

The word Dux is Latin for “leader”. In schools, Dux is a modern title given to the top learner. Most schools around the world regard academic excellence as a criteria for the award. At JMS, we have introduced additional criteria, which include, amongst others, academic excellence in both the secular and Islamiyat divisions, leadership qualities, helpfulness, trustworthy, integrity and “Akhlaaq”.

Akhlaaq is an Arabic term which, simply translated, means the practice of virtue, morality and manners. It includes disposition, ethics, morals and character of a person.

The recipient of the JMS Dux Award is therefore a learner who has not only excelled academically, but one who has impeccable character which is beyond reproach. The recipient is a learner who is a role model for his or her peers.

Dux Award Recipients

Dux Award2.jpg

Please note that this award has been discontinued.