The Board of Management, Principal and Staff of the Johannesburg Muslim School take this opportunity of extending a warm welcome to you and your child to our school. We trust that your association with us will be a long and fulfilling one. The successful running of our school is dependant upon your co-operation and involvement. We will appreciate your participation in all our functions and activities.


The Pre – School and Nursery Division of the Johannesburg Muslim School was established 17 years ago. At that stage, the Pre – School and Nursery Division was housed at the premises in 10th Avenue, Mayfair. In 1992, this Division moved to the premises presently occupied by the Intermediate and Senior phases in Burgersdorp Street, Fordsburg.

The Pre – School and Nursery Division then re-located to the old Bree Street School during 1994. Under the guiding hand of the then Head of Department, Muallima Fazila Moosa, this division soon became the flagship of our School. The late Fatima Mather (may Allah grant her Jannat, Ameen) was appointed as Supervisor of this Division in 1998.

The Pre – School and Nursery Division moved to its current premises during 2001. Mualimah Amina Peer Moolla is currently the Supervisor of this Division. Mualimah Amina Peer Moolla and her dedicated team of Educators continue to impart tuition of the highest standard to our little children in our efforts to lead them to a better and brighter future.

Mission and Vision                                                                             

Our mission is “To provide young children with the Holistic concept of knowledge with the Holy Quraan and the Sunnah as the source of guidance.”

In amplification, the mission of our School is to provide all learners with a meaningful and high standard of education by effective and dedicated educators aiming to promote and achieve excellence by using techniques which will promote critical thinking and responsible decision-making and which will inculcate sound Islamic moral values and attitudes.

Our vision is to foster the holistic development of every learner and to promote honesty, integrity, responsibility, critical thinking and responsible decision-making skills in order to become and fully functioning and constructive member of society according to the Holy Quran and Sunnah.

Educational Philosophy

Our educational philosophy is rooted in Islamic values and the learners are cared for in a stimulating environment.

Aims and Objectives

Our objective is to instill Islamic values and to ensure the holistic development of the learner, ie, his or her spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual, physical and aesthetic development. In endeavoring to achieve this objective, we are firmly resolved in stressing on quality in every respect.

Our aim is to empower the child with the following skills:

  • Independence
  • Self Esteem
  • Self Confidence
  • Decision making
  • Problem Solving.

Admission Requirements                               

The admission requirements are as follows  :

Grade 00

The learner must attain the age of 4 years on or before 30 June in the year of first admission, and must be fully toilet trained;

Grade R

The learner must attain the age of 5 years on or before 30 June in the year of first admission.


Our School has an Islamic ethos and our programmes inculcate values of Iman (belief), Taqwa (piety) and Akhlaq (ethics). The curriculum conforms with the requirements of the Gauteng Department of Education.

One of our primary aims is to inspire interest in, and the understanding of, literacy, numeracy and life skills amongst learners through curriculum inspired activities. Our curriculum creates the foundation for the learning and development of numeracy, literacy skills and life skills. We prepare our learners for formal schooling through the medium of active learning and play. The learners learn through activities that involve exploration, repetition, abstraction and communication. Our educators encourage the learners to use their senses of touch, sight, hearing and smell.

Numeracy is the ability to reason with numbers and other mathematical concepts. The aim of our Numeracy programme is to develop skills using different contexts for counting and to create an awareness and knowledge of symbols and sequence.

Literacy skills are all the skills needed for reading and writing. They include such things as awareness of the sounds of language, awareness of print and the relationship between letters and sounds. Other literacy skills include vocabulary, spelling, and comprehension. Traditionally literacy has been commonly defined as the ability to read and write at an adequate level of proficiency that is necessary for communication. Language skills are linked to our vocabulary building and theme based discussions. Reading and spelling are integral components of this programme. These are consolidated on a daily basis both incidentally and through targeted lessons. Our reading and writing programme takes place in a structured manner.

Whilst it is important to learn and understand numeracy and literacy, it is just as important to learn life skills – to understand how to take care of yourself. Our life skills programme concentrates on teaching the learners skills that will allow them to experience scenarios and activities. These include, amongst others, vision, confidence, motivation, communication, creativity, courage, and trust. Life skills are discussed continuously during the course of the day encouraging social skills, classroom etiquette, courtesy and respect for others.

School Fees

School fees, as determined by the School from time to time, must be paid monthly in advance on or before the seventh (7th) day of each month, unless the School has agreed in writing, to allow the Parent to pay on a quarterly basis at the beginning of each term. In the absence of such written agreement, the Parent shall be obliged to pay school fees, monthly in advance, on or before the seventh (7th) day of each month.

Some of the programmes that are organised for both parents and children include the following  :

  • Excursions to various places of educational interest;
  • Mothers Morning
  • Speech Contest
  • Sports
  • Spring Day
  • Heritage Day
  • Hajj Day
  • Science Expo
  • Various themed dress-up days
  • Environment Day
  • Concert – Annual Jalsa
  • Visits from Community Service Providers
  • Extra curricular Activities – Playball, Pottery and Speech & Drama

Dress Code       

Grade R learners are required to wear the JMS golf shirt, with comfortable trousers. Grade 00 learners are encouraged to dress in comfortable clothing. These learners are, however, to purchase a school T-shirt bearing the schools name. This T-shirt is worn on all excursions to make identification easier.


Mualimah Amina Peer Moolla is the Supervisor of our Nursery and Pre-School Division. She heads a team of dedicated and experienced educators, namely, Amina Ismail (Grade 00), Mobeena Gulamnabi (Grade R), Zakiyya Loonat (Grade R), Faaiza Pahad (Grade R), Thaakira Akoojee (Islamiyaath).

Mualimah Amina Peer Moolla and her team of dedicated educators invite you to visit our school. If you looking for a school for your child, then please do not hesitate to visit us. We suggest that you come during school hours so that you can feel and experience the unique atmosphere of our school. We have no doubt that when you experience this atmosphere, your child will want to be part of it. If you have not had the pleasure of visiting our school please know that you are always welcome.