Alumni Association1The Johannesburg Muslim school share a special Bond with its former learners. It is our goal to help our former learners to stay connected to our school, and to keep in contact with each other. We are certain that our former learners reminisce about their days at our School. With this in mind, we intend forming an Alumni Association.

The purpose of an Alumni Association is to foster a spirit of loyalty and to promote the general welfare of the School. Alumni associations exist to support the School, its goals, and to strengthen the ties between the alumni, the school and the community.

The participation of our former learners in the Alumni Association, as an alumni, is of utmost importance. Become part of the Alumni Association, and being active, is one way of giving back to the school and the community. It is also a forum which allows former learners to reconnect with fellow alumni and to rekindle friendships.

We call upon all our former learners to be part of the Alumni Association of the Johannesburg Muslim School. Please complete your details in the space provided, and submit to register.